Aharon (Yalo) Shavit Group Executive VP Operations

Aharon (Yalo) Shavit

Aharon (Yalo) Shavit held the position of General Manager of  Elul Technologies Ltd., after a distinguished career of 28 years in the Israeli Air Force (IAF), retiring at the rank of Brigadier General (1980). Prior to his retirement, he served as the  Israeli Air Force Attache to the United States and Canada, in Washington DC (1976-1979).

Yalo served as a fighter pilot with thousands of flight hours, over 250 operational missions and downed enemy jet fighters. During his flying career, Yalo flew most types of Fighters in the IAF, commencing with the British Spitfire. He was a fighter pilot during the 1956 “Sinai Campaign”, a squadron commander at the IAF Flight School and the leader of the Israeli Air Force Aerobatic Team. He was a squadron commander during the 1967 “Six-Day War” and a wing commander during the 1973 “Yom Kippur War.”

Studied economics and public administration at Bar Ilan University and is a graduate of the IDF Command & Staff College.

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, in 1935, married to Hassia, father to Tal and Sharon.