Ariel Kolitz Managing Director

Global Outsourcing Services Ltd.

Ariel Kolitz

Elul Tamarynd‘s Managing Director of Global Outsourcing since mid 2004, joining the group from Singapore where he managed his own marketing and consulting company Arivick International, 2002-2004.

A former business development senior manager at  Comverse Technology based in Tel Aviv and Singapore, 1999-2002;  V.P. Marketing at two Israeli high-tech start-up companies, NECS Mailpush and Solram Electronics in Tel Aviv, 1997-1999. A research analyst at  Mercer Management Consulting, Lexington Mass. US, 1996-1997.

A 1996 B.Sc. from Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, January 9, 1970