Many Gerskovich VP Engines & Mechanical Systems

Elul Technologies Ltd.

Many Gerskovich

Joined Elul in 2010, following 24 years of service with the IAF – Israeli Air Force, and MOD, NY Purchasing Mission. Retired as Lt. Col.  Accumulated extensive respective experience in engineering, operating, maintenance, logistics, procurement and commercial activties relating to airborne platforms and mechanical systems.  Played key role in the procurement process, development and implementation of the F16I (Storm) and the Apache Longbow.

Served as IAF Head, Mechanical branch, in the Engineering wing; responsible for all mechanical systems of the IAF airborne platforms; served as Head of the Transportation branch, responsible for safety and availability of C-130, B707 & B200 fleets.

In his last assignment with the IAF, he served as Director of Aircraft Programs and Air Force Procurement, at the MOD NY Purchasing Mission.

A 1997 MBA (Beer Sheva University) and 1989 B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Tel Aviv University).

Born in 1961 in Israel, married to Rivka, father to Naama (1995), Nadav (1995) and Tamir (2001)