Transforming ideas into Results


Elul Tamarynd Ltd. is Israel’s premier technology, marketing & consulting group of companies.

A diversified privately held comprehensive service provider of business development, marketing, sales, consulting, outsourcing management, technical and engineering after-sales support, program management and ILS – Integrated Logistic Services.

The Group is active in aerospace and defense; homeland security; life sciences and energy projects, in association with major advanced technologies multi-nationals and Israeli leading corporations.

Active primarily in, but not limited to, Israel, the United States and India, Elul has established longstanding exclusive associations based on professionalism and integrity.  The ability to provide multi-disciplinary expertise; meticulous management; comprehensive services and apply decades of experience, are the Group’s core essence.

In its facet as a representative of leading international players in their respective fields, Elul guarantees marketing and support for a seamless solution, for its institutional customers, from pre-sale to long-term support, including on-site logistics and maintenance teams.

As a solution for end-users, Elul delivers a package tailored to requirements, operational environment and budget. Customers rely on Elul‘s multi-disciplinary expertise, based on understanding of available resources, systems and products.  Elul‘s full-service approach ensures that its customers optimize the benefits of their choice.


Elul‘s continued drive for excellence is two-pronged, reflected in its professional and personal commitments:

  • Cutting edge in-depth vision and knowledge of technological evolution and trends
  • Unswerving dedication to customer needs and preferences

The Group has succeeded in building long-term relationships with its associates and customers that add measurable value by bridging between multi-cultural requirements and business cultures in the U.S., India and Israel.


The Group’s core competencies are translated into an internal structure focused on two main areas of activities:

  • Business development, marketing, consulting & representation
    Consulting, marketing, sales and trade, in domestic and international operations.
  • Infrastructure & Technologistic Services
    Full spectrum services, covering outsourcing management, technical & engineering after-sales support, programmanagement, ILS – Integrated Logistics Support, and management & support for CLS – Contractors Logistics Support.