Elul Technologies Ltd.

Soaring High

As Israel’s largest aerospace and defense business development and consulting company, Elul Technologies is the exclusive consultant of world leading manufacturers of systems, assemblies and components.

Its range includes:

Aerospace and defense electronics, space communications, homeland security, airborne and ground-based engines, commercial and defense avionics, training and simulation, missiles and rockets, armament systems, combat vehicles, naval systems, electro-optical instruments, law enforcement equipment, detection for security applications and safety instruments.

Assemblies, components, electro-mechanical devices, microwave components, RF safety, inertial and sensor products.

Elul Technologies enables manufacturers and users to benefit from access and interface to their needs, including advanced analysis, strategic planning and government liaison. From pre-sale consulting to after-sales services provided by other members of Elul TamaryndElul Technologies is a one-stop address that can be relied upon.


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  • Aharon (Yalo) Shavit, Group Executive VP Operations
  • +972 (3) 753 7777
  • 11 Tuval St., Ramat Gan 5252226, Israel